Hello! my name is Anna Vafeiadou, born in Thessaloniki in 1972, mother of two boys, wife, and businesswoman and I love cooking!
This passion of mine led me to study Culinary Technician – Chef, attend courses and graduate at the Open University on nutrition, obtain a Certificate of Successful Food Handler training entitled “Principles in Food Hygiene and Safety” and also study at WSPC to get the knowledge I need for the good friends of food…wine and spirits!

I come from a family that loves to cook, and I’m here to share home-cooked, fresh, family-friendly, authentic, and adventurous recipes with you. Most importantly, my recipes taste great and you can trust that they will succeed because they come straight from a Greek home kitchen. I’m sharing with you, the same food my family eats!

How I started cooking

When I was still in elementary school, my mother worked two jobs to raise us, so as the eldest daughter, she taught me some basic recipes to cook when she didn’t have the time. A perfectionist by nature, I would observe what she did when she cooked, and slowly, I began to curiously observe anyone else who cooked, such as my grandmother and my aunts, who were all amazing cooks.

The real love for cooking, however, was born with my sons! In a routine examination, the pediatrician informed me that they have pathogenic cholesterol. Except my children were still babies and only drank milk, so when I wondered how they could have cholesterol, the pediatrician informed me that it was hereditary.

So, I had to reinvent cooking and learn to cook healthier, always keeping the authentic taste of my food so that they don’t feel like they are missing anything. This way, I taught them a way of eating that they have adopted to this day, that they are grown men!

Something that started as a need, developed into a passion and an expression of love! If you are looking for me, you will find me in the kitchen, at any time of the day or night, just because an idea came to me suddenly! Favorite recipes from my house, to yours!

I remember Grandma Anna’s house full of smells, sounds of onion frying, and lids singing from the steam. And then, a table filled with colors and aromas! A feast of flavors, and Greek recipes! Cooking is deeply engraved in my DNA, it is a way of life, passion, and love but above all… it is an expression of love! A love that I wanted to share with you through my recipes, hoping to fill you and your loved ones with wonderful memories of your own.

Disclaimer: My website contains only my opinions and does not provide any professional medical advice. It is not intended to provide nutritional medical advice or a medical diet plan, although I do try to post healthy cooked recipes. Contact your doctor for medical or nutritional advice.